Maestro boasts a legacy of developing hospitality software since 1978, with a reputation for excellent products and an unrivalled dedication to outstanding customer service. Maestro, our current open platform product has been installed and used by our clients since 1996. The company is a privately held family business, and is currently managed by the second generation of the ownership group with active involvement of the first generation to promote the growth and the development of their Maestro product suite.
The company has emerged as a top tier solution provider of lodging technology solutions and prides itself on an exceptional client care service record and is known for providing its clients the technology solutions that fit both their operational and management needs. Maestro was first to market with an integrated Windows PMS and Sales & Catering solution, and is continuing that trend with leading edge Internet based corporate solutions.
Maestro is an international company with its corporate headquarters in Markham, Ontario, and sales offices in Boca Raton, Florida, Denver, Colorado, Fairfax, Virginia as well as a distribution network encompassing 14 countries. Through a network of distributors in the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and Latin America, Maestro has experienced strong growth since its introduction to the market. Maestro has clients in over 14 countries, 355 companies with over 865 sites, over 8000 workstations and over 69,000 rooms.
Over the past decade, hotel operators have invested in various computer platforms, networks, operating systems and application software with little concern for interoperability. The current challenge in today's competitive global marketplace is to determine the most efficient and cost-effective means of accessing, integrating and distributing corporate information across the organization. Maestro’s teams of highly trained hospitality and IT professionals are meeting the challenge head on, ready to deal with both legacy and state-of-the-art technology.
Maestro’s support group provides software; network administration and software support services to our clients and are ready to perform these functions on-site and on-line via Internet or traditional dial up technologies. As a means of staying abreast of industry demands, Maestro relies on its network of consultants, vendors, and clients for trends and requirements to drive new product development. The internal product development team employs some of the most talented software developers in the industry, providing a constant stream of new and relevant design initiatives. We look forward to working with your professional team.
How Maestro Protects Its Clients And Potential Clients
Software source code is held in escrow, and an escrow clause is a standard offering.
Maestro’s clients, many of whom have been clients for over 24 years, rate the Diamond Plus Service as the most significant feature that sets Maestro apart from the competition.
Maestro is one of the most mature next generation products on the market installed since 1995.
Support calls have a defined escalation level from front line support staff to operations management, to ownership if necessary; Maestro understands Maestro is a mission critical application for their client
Our Mission
To excel and be recognized as the hospitality industry’ s finest integrated technology service solution provider. To set the standard in customer service and quality for our discerning clients, partners and peers in both independent and corporate entities. To continuously advance our lead position and profitability by sourcing and acquiring new opportunities and technology.
“At Maestro we have grown at our own pace, and on our own terms, financing our organization using sound business practices and offering excellent products and unmatched service. Our approach has been to position ourselves with the product first, using our boom years to reinvest in the development of the next generation of hospitality software and services. This development was accomplished with the help of our existing clients, and the software and hospitality expertise we have within Maestro”.
Maestro offers a complete range of systems and services to improve operating efficiency and increase profitability for both independent and corporate hospitality companies worldwide. Maestro Applications support Microsoft Windows 2000 and later as well as many other operating systems. Maestro also supports a variety of database options (ODBC compliant) including, Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
Three Suites Of Windows Applications
MaestroTM Property Management Suite
The Maestro Suite of integrated property management solutions is designed to increase operational efficiency, improve guest service and enhance profitability for high touch single and multi-property operations. The Maestro application suite includes:
  • Front Office (PMS)
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Analytics & Business Intelligence Tools
  • Sales & Catering
  • Multi-Property Management
  • Condo Owner Mgmt. w/ Owner Web Functionality
  • Timeshare Owner Mgmt. w/ Owner Web Functionality
  • Spa & Activities Management
  • Membership Management
  • Real-time ProactiveYield Management
  • Golf Course Management .*
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Central Reservation Office (CRO)
  • Corporate Enterprise Management
  • GDS Two Way XML Connectivity or Integration
  • Integrated RewWave Web Booking Engine
  • Work Order Maintenance
  • Fine Dining & Retail POS*
  • Table Res. w/ Web Booking
  • Concierge
  • Guest Experience Measurement (GEM)
Maestro’s flexibility and its ability to accommodate the diverse requirements of hospitality establishments from full service hotels, resorts, and conference center venues, to limited service properties, far exceeds industry standards for ease-ofuse, data gathering, and security.
Maestro Multi-Property Suite
The Maestro Multi-Property Suite is in use by many multi-property operating companies and corporate reservation facilities ranging in size from regional groups of inns to families of Four and Five Star resorts. These companies are maximizing their hardware investment and leveraging their data to drive cross-selling, lead sharing, and booking to the last-room. The system can support multiple properties on a single server with a single database, or each property can rely on its own server with all files being replicated at the central corporate offices.
Maestro Corporate Enterprise Suite
For ownership groups and chains that want more centralized control over property management, Maestro has developed the Maestro Enterprise Suite. This comprehensive application suite centralizes property management at the corporate level by storing and providing instant secured access to all hotel-level information for in-house accounts, reservations, and sales programs for upper management review and action. The Maestro Enterprise Suite may be run on one central server, or on separate hardware platforms that update a central database of information for all properties in a group.
*Available via alliance partners.