Benchmark Hospitality: Maestro Sets a Real-Time Tempo for Benchmark Hospitality

As the experts in resort, conference center, and hotel management, Benchmark Hospitality has the real power and advantage of real-time data access since implementing the Maestro™ Front Office module from Microsoft® Certified Solution Provider NORTHWIND Canada, Inc. Using the power of Microsoft Windows NT® Server and Microsoft SQL Server™ 7.0, Maestro is revolutionizing the operational management of Benchmark properties now and into the future.
Solution Overview
Company Profile
Benchmark Hospitality has been providing management and marketing services for conference resorts, executive conference centers, conference hotels, corporate learning centers, and golf clubs since 1980. Today Benchmark has over 3,000 employees who are trained in the economic value of the "Conference Center Concept." Benchmark Hospitality is a privately held company with headquarters located in The Woodlands, Texas, a master planned, 25,000-acre community 27 miles north of downtown Houston. Regional offices are located in Stamford, Connecticut, and international offices are located in Tokyo, Japan, and Bangkok, Thailand.
Benchmark's properties had been running on eight to ten year old technologies, and with the advancements in innovations and technology, they took this as the prime opportunity to embark on answering their quest for overhauling their technical operational environment. Accompanying this movement to change, they strived to shift to an environment based on the Windows® operating system. Additionally, the other issue remaining was that the current PMS system was not part of the total network solution.
Business Solution
The solution is comprised of the Maestro Front Office module, as well as integrated components including A/R and Travel Agency Management for select properties. With Benchmark's standardization on Microsoft Office tools and the Windows environment, Maestro provided a perfect fit for a truly integrated solution. In addition, Benchmark Hospitality is currently considering the fully integrated Maestro Sales & Catering application for their conference centers.
Since the installation of Maestro, Benchmark Hospitality is able to save countless hours and payroll dollars by not having to refer back to old reports in order to acquire historical data.
"Always having the data at our fingertips is greatly enhancing customer service by minimizing the response time of customer requests. The flexibility of Maestro is allowing us to collect the data that is important to us, and is also allowing us to better understand the needs of our customers." Davide Barnes, Director Of Rooms, Resort At Squaw Creek
The current challenge in today's competitive marketplace is to find the most efficient and cost- effective means of accessing, integrating and distributing corporate information across the hotel organization. NORTHWIND's Maestro suite of products was designed to address precisely this challenge.
Within the demanding industry of hospitality, upgrading and keeping your software systems current is essential to maintaining your competitive edge.
This is specifically what Benchmark Hospitality was looking to accomplish.
"The old system just could not meet all of the needs and requests of our Owners, Property users and Guests. We needed the flexibility of a Windows-based system." Rodney Thiel, Director of IT for Benchmark Hospitality
So Benchmark turned to Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider NORTHWIND Canada, Inc. and their United States distributor MCorp, for their integrated front office solution, Maestro. Based on the Microsoft Windows NT Server operating system, Maestro takes advantage of the power, flexibility, and advanced reporting features of the Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 database engine.
"The Microsoft platform and SQL Server 7.0 are a perfect fit for Maestro and Benchmark, and were instrumental in providing a smooth conversion from Benchmarks legacy system." Warren Dehan, President, NORTHWIND
Conferencing With The Maestro
Realizing that an update to its entire computing environment was required to stay competitive, Benchmark Hospitality evaluated close to 20 different products. After narrowing the field down to three vendors, they selected Maestro.
"Maestro really took us to the next level because of all the flexibility in their system from their drill down capability to the yield management functionality. The NORTHWIND management staff was extremely flexible in making any enhancements to the product during our installs and up to present time." Rodney Thiel, Director of IT for Benchmark Hospitality.
Now with the front office module of Maestro in place, Benchmark Hospitality has experienced amongst other components, the implementation of advanced yield management features. "This fully integrated and real-time processing functionality provides us with 'complete control' of the reservations process, thus maximizing room revenue and average rate." says Barnes. The additional features that set Maestro apart from the competition are also being implemented, and with these elements in place, Maestro is liberating the operational efficiency for Benchmark properties and becoming an integral part of orchestrating their Hotels, Resorts and Conference Centers.
The need for a software solution rich with features and the ability to adapt to complex and changing requirements was the essence for the selection of Maestro for Benchmark Hospitality.
SQL Server To The Rescue
Playing a vital role in making this solution work and empowering Benchmark with the operating environment to accommodate their industry demands, SQL Server 7.0 was suited to their overall solution needs. Together with Maestro's efficient database design, the solution provided the perfect response to Benchmark Hospitality's requirements, allowing direct real-time access to data by productivity tools to facilitate data mining, and marketing and reporting activities.
Windows NT Provides Solid Platform
The complete Maestro product suite supports the Microsoft Windows NT platform and incorporates integrated Windows NT security, integrated SQL Server security and application user level security.
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Microsoft Software Used
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Other Products Used
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Room Type Space Chart
The challenge for Maestro has been to combine yield management capabilities directly into the property management system. This integration creates a "real time" processing environment that allows the property to implement its yield strategies for all or any of its buildings with as much or as little user intervention as it desires.
Manager's Overrides
By configuring Maestro's automated yield controls, the user may select a hands-off approach and allow Maestro to automatically open and close the selected yield tactics. This approach operates in a real time setting as Maestro reacts to the changing yield conditions for each period. The property's yield tactics will automatically respond to a set of pre-configured criteria.
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