To Our Clients and Hospitality Industry Friends,


Perhaps no other industry in the world understands the importance of customer service as well as those of us in Hospitality.

At Maestro, we believe the best way to be successful is to provide the systems and services our clients need to be successful themselves. We have a personal commitment to protecting our clients' investment, and demonstrate that commitment by listening to our clients and users and incorporating their input into the development of our software and delivery of our services. Our goal has always been to provide systems and support geared to help our clients generate more revenue, create a productive working environment, and maximize staff efficiencies. Our company philosophy is to work in partnership with our clients to supply technology tools that help them better serve their guests and contribute to their bottom line.

As our clients' needs have grown so have Maestro's product offerings. We have expanded our applications to automate all operational areas of complex destination resorts, full service corporate properties, and entire multi-property groups. We understand that each hotel operator has unique requirements, so we make our systems adaptable to our clients’ needs to run on-premise or in the cloud, all in a Windows, Linux or VM client environment to accommodate all technology philosophies. To provide our users with stronger guest service tools, our Maestro systems utilize real-time, single-image database technology that adapts to our clients' requirements to capture all guest information for marketing and guest preference tracking.

In addition, our Diamond Plus Service initiative continues to provide our clients with unparalleled support and training services to maximize their profitability and efficiency. Our e-learning website provides our clients with anywhere, anytime learning materials to use from their computers or mobile devices. Our Management Services Team provides Yield Management consultation and strategy counseling to maximize client revenue; website analysis and booking page design to help clients increase Internet booking volume; and hotel performance auditing to enable optimal operational efficiency.

The success of our clients is the motivating force behind every action at Maestro. We are in partnership with our clients to provide the best technology and most effective support services possible to make their operations more profitable and efficient. Bottom line: Maestro is successful only when our clients are successful.


Warren Dehan


Northwind Canada Inc.


Warren Dehan President